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Mobile Payment for every bank
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Aug 16, 2022
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Mobile Payment for every bank

Whether Smartphone, Smartwatch, elegant watch, or chic bracelet, with VIMpay you pay as you like. At the same time, you always keep a complete overview of your spendings and manage all your finances easily and securely.

Mobile Payment
• Google Pay: No matter which bank you are with, set up Google Pay with VIMpay and pay contactless easy and secure with your virtual prepaid credit card via your NFC-enabled Android smartphone or your Smartwatch
Wearable Payment
• VIMpayGo: Credit cards in wallets are a thing of the past. With VIMpayGo you get the smallest credit card in the world, which can easily be carried on your key ring to make payment even faster and easier.
• Garmin Pay: Whether the bun at the bakery after your morning run or the snack during a bike ride – pay your purchases with your Garmin Smartwatch.
• Fitbit Pay: Whether the bottle of water after training or the ticket for the ski lift: With Fitbit Pay and the VIMpay app you won’t need cash or a card, just pay easily with your Smartwatch.
• SwatchPAY!: You like cool watches and still want to use mobile payment with an app? Use Google Pay and pay with your Swatch with the VIMpay credit card.
• Fidesmo Pay: You would like to pay with an elegant watch, a ring or even a bracelet? VIMpay with Fidesmo Pay make it possible.
Manage-Mii: Pay with your Payment Ready Wearable in combination with VIMpay in a secure, contactless and stylish way.

Mobile Banking
• Checking Account: With VIMpay Premium you receive in addition to your virtual credit card a full-fledged checking account with your own IBAN and all traditional account functions.
• Use VIMpay as your salary account and you don´t have to top up your account anymore.
• Features: Check your transactions and your account balance, make money transfers, or set up standing orders on your smartphone at any time.
• Transparency: The VIMpay banking app informs you via push notification or in-app notifications about every account movement.
• Multibanking: With VIMpay you can manage all your accounts with just one banking app – no matter which bank you are with.

Your data stay your data
VIMpay protects your privacy. We give you 100% assurance that your data and information will NOT be handed over to third parties. All data for mobile banking remain exclusively and encrypted on your smartphone.

Send money in real-time
• Via Chat: Send money to your friends using the VIMpay Chat.
• Via VIMpay QR-Code: Scan the VIMpay QR-Code to send the desired amount.

Further Features:
• Snooze mode: Lock or reactivate each of your cards for all transactions and purchases with just a single tap.
• Support chat: No matter what questions plague you or where you need help. Get support by using the in-app chat.
• Instant replenishment: Recharge your VIMpay account with the desired amount of money from your recharge account at any time.
• Cover-Up: Activate the Cover-Up mode to hide all your belongings on your display.
• MoneySwift: Move money in real time from your VIMpay account to your wearables and pay instantly mobile.
• Personal limits: Set individual limits for each of your prepaid cards on your mobile phone. Determine how and where mobile payment is enabled.

• Get to know VIMpay anonymously and start with mobile payment, completely free of charge and without any obligation.
• Lite: Put VIMpay through its paces for free and enjoy mobile payment with the first wearable of your choice.
• Basic: No more limits. Upgrade your experience for 10€ only once and get more features in VIMpay.
• Comfort: Pay worldwide without surcharge with as many wearables you can carry, or even with the plastic card.
• Premium: Receive your own VIMpay checking account with all the features you need in your daily life. Also manage all your other banks and accounts in just one app.
• Ultra: Become a VIMpay Ultra and on top of all features you receive a free plastic card and your own VIMpayGo set with a Micro-Mastercard.

What's new

We send you sunny greetings to your vacation, to the lake, to the darkened top floor apartment or to the beer garden!

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Apart from that, we've been busy working on topics in the background this week to make VIMpay perform better for you.

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